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We are pleased to advise our customers that we are continuing to hold prices at autumn 2018 levels. We wish everyone a smooth transition out of lockdown.

Hardness Testing Equipment

First for Brinell Hardness Testing

Foundrax’s hardness testing machines provide laboratory-standard results in steelworks conditions. All of our machinery is custom-built and comprehensively tested to ensure maximum accuracy and the longest lifespan possible.

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Foundrax World Leaders in Brinell hardness testing

Foundrax… World leaders in Brinell hardness testing

A bit about Foundrax

Foundrax are market-leading manufacturers of Brinell hardness testing equipment. We are the only company in the world to make a range of products covering everything from UKAS-certified reference blocks to National Standard-level calibration machines.

For over 60 years Foundrax have specialised in Brinell Hardness testing machines and are recognised worldwide as experts in the field. We have been influential in the development of hardness testing standards in ISO and BSI as well as ECISS, and remain at the forefront of Brinell hardness testing machine development through continuous investment in R&D.

We offer a full range of unique Brinell hardness testing machines, providing market-leading automation of both indentation and measurement. Our machines are known for their laboratory-level accuracy in steelworks conditions.

Machines and Accessories

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Brinell and Rockwell reference blocks provide independent verification of test-machine accuracy, giving you confidence in the accuracy of your equipment and resolving any result disputes.

Brinell Reference Blocks

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Brinell Reference Blocks

Foundrax UKAS certified Brinell hardness reference blocks conform to ISO 6506 and ASTM E10 and our accredited uncertainty of measurement puts us at the top of the industry.

  • Available marked with grids if required
  • Variety of hardness ranges available
  • Mirror finish for clarity
  • Available in any material you supply
Rockwell Reference Blocks

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Rockwell Reference Blocks

Foundrax UKAS certified Rockwell and superficial Rockwell hardness reference blocks conform to ISO 6508 and ASTM E18.

  • Marked with grids for ease of use
  • Variety of hardness ranges available
  • Mirror finish for clarity
  • Available in any material you supply

Foundrax have been engineering Brinell hardness testing machines since 1948. The equipment is specifically designed to provide laboratory accuracy in the harshest industrial environments.

Brinell Portable Hardness Testing Machines

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Brinell Portable Machines

Model 134 portable Brinell hardness testers and accessories including Chain Adapter, MHMA transportable, railway track tester and converter for Alpha Duresta.

  • Allows you to test large components without moving them
  • Available as both frame machines and pocket devices
  • Ideal for testing components on-site
  • Supplied to thousands of satisfied users
Brinell Heavy Duty Production Hardness Testers

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Brinell Heavy Duty Production Hardness Testers

BRINscan range of high speed heavy duty in-line, semi and fully automatic production Brinell hardness testers.

  • Can perform millions of tests reliably and repeatably
  • Fully automated test cycle
  • Ideal for production line integration
  • Meets ISO 6506 and ASTM E10 requirements

Foundrax were the first company in the world to offer a credible, automatic optical Brinell measurement system and have more experience in this field than any other manufacturer.

BRINscope Manual Brinell Microscope

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BRINscope Manual Brinell Microscope

The BRINscope series of manual Brinell microscopes feature LED lighting for long-life reliability and superior illumination of the indentation.

  • Small footprint allows for measurement in tight spaces
  • Battery operated and portable
  • Compact, lightweight, and rugged
  • Practically indestructible in normal use
BRINtronic Microscope

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BRINtronic Microscope

The BRINtronic series of automatic Brinell microscopes give reliability, repeatability and operator independent Brinell measurement in harsh industrial environments.

  • Accurate, user-friendly measurement software
  • Provides portable operator-independent measurement
  • Displays test results to the mm in tenths of a second
  • Fully modular

State of the art Brinell hardness testing equipment with almost no up-front cost

Keep your hard-earned cash

Get the equipment and accessories you want when you need them, not just when budgets allow.

Financing your purchase from your cash flow or Opex budget rather than your Capex budget allows you to receive tax breaks on your rental payments, spreading the cost in the most effective and tax-efficient way.

These payments can be structured to suit your individual budgetary needs, with options for monthly or quarterly payments over a timeframe of your choosing.

We understand that over the course of your payment schedule you may wish to upgrade when we release new, more advanced equipment.

With Foundrax Finance you can be provided with state-of-the-art equipment over the course of the whole payment period, keeping your testing capabilities at the cutting edge.

You can also package your annual service, certification and verification within the rental payments. Let your equipment pay for itself with Foundrax Finance – get a quote today and see how much we can do for you.

Foundrax - State of the Art

Foundrax - State of the Art

Foundrax - State of the Art

Customer Case Studies

  • Steve Roberts, Quality Director, Alloy Heat Treatment.

    Brinell testing in the heat treatment industry

    Alloy Heat Treatment are the biggest sub contract heat treater of aluminium alloys in the UK, serving sectors including aerospace, automotive, power generation, leisure, and construction. Alloy Heat Treatment have a large number of prime customer approvals including Leonardo Helicopters, Airbus, Safran, Boeing, and BAE Systems to name a few. They are accredited to heat treat to these Prime’s specifications and often work as a trusted supplier to other companies that deal direct with them. Alloy Heat Treatment are proud to have BAE systems and Leonardo as direct customers but generally, manufacturers and machinists will send components for heat treatment directly to AHT and then supply back in to the Primes post treatment.
    Part of the Prime specifications dictate that Brinell hardness testing is carried out prior to releasing the components.
    Steve please can you tell us why you settled on the Foundrax BRINtronic automatic Brinell microscope?
    For Alloy Heat Treatments, moving over to the BRINtronic was due to an efficiency drive. Part of the release process for aluminium alloys is that we must do conductivity and hardness testing on every job that leaves us. As such we were looking at ways that we could gain efficiencies in this process. Using the BRINtronic from Foundrax has allowed us to gain these efficiencies.
    Looking at competitors, where do you see our strengths and weaknesses with our prices and support process?
    We did have a look at other pieces of kit, one of the problems we needed to solve with equipment selection is that the microscope must get into quite intricate places, all the other microscopes we looked at have wide noses on them so, the design of the Foundrax scope was right up our street. We’ve used the manual Foundrax microscopes for as long as I’ve been here.
    We weren’t terribly impressed with the competitive equipment we tried. The ergonomics of the BRINtronic are far superior. Obviously, the usability of the BRINtronic suited us, because we could get it into the places that we would struggle with using the competitor’s equipment. The process of measuring was far easier with the Foundrax BRINtronic as with the others we had to try and hold it with both hands and press buttons. They weren’t particularly well balanced either so in practice we were losing efficiencies rather than gaining them. The other advantage we found with Foundrax is your software, it allows us to produce automatic reports as an Excel file, although we haven’t taken full advantage of this facility yet. We found it far simpler on the BRINtronic than the competitor’s to generate these automatic reports.

    Portable Brinell Testers

    On location Brinell Hardness testing

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  • Cameron / OneSubsea Case Study Film

    Cameron engineers, designs, and manufactures flow and pressure control technologies for customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide. A global organization provides support and delivers services using these leading technologies.

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Customer Testimonials

What our clients say...

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"This machine has significantly reduced the impact of manual handling incidents... the process can be carried out without any safety implication for the operator."

Zoe Simpson, European HSE Manager

"We have been delighted with the performance, not just the user friendliness of the equipment but also the accuracy... it's proved to be a fantastic tool for us."

Gary Smith, Technical and Quality Director

William Cook

William Cook Defence

“Foundrax quality, in my opinion, is second to none"

Larry Ross, Quality Control Manager


KOSO Kent Introl Ltd.

"The Foundrax (BHD Type B) Hardness Test Machine provides us with the flexibility for testing large components, without having to use sub contract test laboratories, which dramatically reduces our manufacturing times, material movements and the subsequent risk of component damage in transit, it’s an asset to the business that fulfils all of our expectations."

Brian Richmond, QHSE Director



"Foundrax equipment is well engineered and the quality is outstanding. It is exceptionally well built, robust and very user friendly."

Alex Marshall, Operations Quality Manager

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