BRINtronic Microscope

Automated Brinell measurement gives confidence in test results.

Foundrax were the first company in the world to offer an authentic, automatic optical Brinell measurement system and have more experience in this field than any other manufacturer.

BRINtronic-LT and BRINtronic-MD/PC automatic Brinell microscopes

The BRINtronic series measure indentations in the authentic optical manner and are UKAS certified to ISO6506 and ASTM E10.


The BRINtronic series of stand alone automatic Brinell microscopes includes:

  • BRINtronic–LT fully automatic portable Brinell microscope; includes laptop PC supplied in a tough industrial-grade case, (available without laptop computer as the BRINtronic-LTx).
  • BRINtronic-PC fully automatic desktop Brinell microscope, available with a range of accessories including IP65 ruggedised industrial cabinet and IP 65 industrial membrane keyboard.
  • BRINtronic-MD fully automatic Brinell microscope kit for use with customers own PC/Laptop, (also available is the BRINtronic-MDb which includes a re-chargeable battery to make it suitable for portable use).


The BRINtronic fully automatic Brinell microscope series includes the following features:

  • Calibrated according to clauses 4.4.2 of ISO 6506-2 and 15.1.3 of ASTM E10.
  • Directly traceable to National standards.
  • Measure indentations in the authentic optical manner and is UKAS certified to ISO 6506 and ASTM E10.
  • Fully automatic – no measurement by the operator and no operator influence on the results.
  • Fast – display test results in HBW and mm in tenths of a second.
  • Usable on normal industrial hand-prepared surfaces as well as mirror-finish reference blocks so no special preparation required.
  • Suitable for both shop floor and laboratory use, and ideal for settling disputes.
  • Modular construction, allowing users to replace all components on site with simple changeover.  Even a new laptop can be fitted on site and a special securing foam supplied (BRINtronic-LT).
  • Heavy-duty 4.6M armoured cable (longer available upon request), steel bodied microscope unit with push button trigger and military-style connectors.
  • Free standard software upgrades.
  • The microscope unit features internal logic to ensure that the correct calibration data is used for every test regardless of the microscope unit used (where more than one is available).
  • Results provided in HBW and mm, and available to 2 decimal places (HBW) and 4 decimal places (mm).
  • Measurement of indentations made with 2.5 mm, 5 mm or 10 mm indenters (depending on microscope unit).
BRINtronic Microscope
BRINtronic-LT and BRINtronic-MD/PC Automatic Brinell Microscopes for hardness testing

Download literature in English Click here to download our latest brochure for the BRINtronic series of automatic Brinell microscopes.

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The BRINtronic software offers:

  • Print out batch summary (batch size, batch mean, standard deviation, no. of high and low rejects), with or without individual test results.
  • User customisable to allow bespoke configuration including conversions, multiple data destinations, alternative data save formats, networking facilities, etc.
  • User interface in a wide variety of languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, as well as European script.
  • Information parameters can be user defined including annotation of individual test results.

In addition to the features listed above, the systems are fully networkable and can communicate with a remote computer and download/upload batch data if so required.

The BRINtronic offers the user the ability to interrupt batch testing to make individual tests and then resume batch without data corruption, it also signals if batch limits are violated and gives batch range and standard deviation of results.

BRINtronic Testimonials

Steve Roberts, Quality Director, Alloy Heat Treatment.

Alloy Heat Treatment are the biggest sub contract heat treater in the UK dealing in only aluminium alloys. Serving sectors including aerospace, automotive, power generation, leisure, construction, covering all sectors that manufacture using aluminium. Alloy Heat Treatment work with a vast amount of prime approvals which includes Leonardo Helicopters, Airbus, Safran, Boeing, BAE Systems to name a few. Accredited to heat treat to these prime specifications often as a trusted supplier to other companies that deal direct with the Primes. Alloy Heat Treatments are proud to have BAE systems and Leonardo as direct customers. Generally, machinists will send the components requiring heat treatment direct to AHT and then these will be supplied back to the primes post treatment.

Part of the prime specifications dictate that Brinell hardness testing is carried out prior to releasing the components.

Steve please can you tell us why you settled on the BRINtronic?

“For Alloy Heat Treatments moving over to the BRINtronic was part of an efficiency drive, part of the release process for aluminium alloys is that you must do conductivity and hardness testing on every job that leaves Alloy Heat Treatments. As such we were looking at ways that we could gain efficiencies in this process. By using the BRINtronic from Foundrax, has allowed us to gain efficiencies”

Looking at competitors, where do you see our strengths and weaknesses with our prices and support process?

“We did have a look at other pieces of kit, one of the things problems we needed to solve with equipment selection is that the microscope must get into quite intricate places, all the other scopes on the market have wide noses on them. So, the design of the Foundrax scope was right up our street. We’ve used the Foundrax manual scopes since as long as I’ve been here, but obviously, that’s on the manual side”

“We weren’t terribly impressed with the competitive equipment. The ergonomics of the BRINtronic are far superior to the competitors that we looked at. Obviously, the usability of the BRINtronic was far better because we could get it into the places that we would struggle with using the competitor’s equipment. The process of measuring was far simpler with the Foundrax BRINtronic because, with the others we had to try and hold it with both hands and press buttons, they weren’t particularly well balanced so in fact we were losing efficiencies rather than gaining them. The other advantage with Foundrax is your software, even though we haven’t taken full advantage of it yet to produce automatic reports as an excel file, it is something we plan to do. It is far simpler on the Foundrax BRINtronic than the competitors to generate automatic reports”

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