Heavy Duty Production

The Foundrax BRINscan MKIII is a high-speed heavy duty fully automatic Brinell hardness tester fitted with a BRINtronic automatic Brinell microscope, suitable for off-line and in-line use.

BRINscan MkIII built into line for testing Oil Tool Joints BRINscan MkIII built into line for testing Railway Wheels

Examples of the BRINscan MkIII

The BRINscan MkIII shown in the example above has performed over 20 million tests and is used to test track links for the British Ministry of Defence.

The BRINscan MkIII machines in the example above are used for testing railway wheels and tyres, the film shows a special purpose machine with horizontal configuration as well as a standard machine used with a walking beam type conveyor.

The Foundrax BRINscan MkIII has been proven in operational use over many years to be capable of performing millions of Brinell hardness tests reliably and repeatably in industrial conditions.

The BRINscan MkIII is extremely robust with a fixed test table (400 mm x 400 mm approximately) capable of carrying components of up to 10 tonnes as standard and features a moving test head which lowers down onto the test surface and then clamps the component in place. The stationary test table means that the machine is well suited for fitting into a line. The clamping system is independent of the indentation system and clamps with a force greater than the indentation force (3500 Kgf) in order to ensure that there can be no possibility of movement of the test piece during the Brinell hardness test. The test cycle is fully automatic and authentic with no operator influence over the indentation or measurement process.

The length of the test cycle can be set or altered by authorised personnel via password protected software in the system set up and is held in the system memory (if required the cycle time can be set during the initial installation without ever needing further adjustment). The automatic authentic optical Brinell measurement of the indentation is performed using an integral Foundrax BRINtronic fully automatic Brinell microscope which is fully networkable to allow for automatic downloading of batch parameters and uploading of results to the customer network if required.

The BRINscan MkIII fully meets the requirements of ISO 6506 and ASTM E10 and is available with UKAS certificate of calibration prior to despatch if required.

The fully automatic machine cycle means that if there is an operator all he needs to do is to load the component onto the machine table and press a footswitch. After the test has been completed the test result appears on the monitor and he removes the component. If the machine is put into a line components may be fed to it automatically and the machine cycle initiated automatically. All elements of the machine cycle are operator variable and recorded with the exception of calibration which is not operator variable.