Portable Machines

Foundrax portable hardness testers are in use all over the world and have a well earned reputation for quality and reliability in harsh industrial environments.

The Foundrax Model 134 with standard equipment and usual accessories will cover over almost all portable Brinell hardness testing applications and Foundrax have supplied thousands of these machines to satisfied users over many years.

The Foundrax Model MHMA transportable Brinell hardness tester allows the user to test very large components without the need to move them to the test machine. The MHMA is available as a frame only and is compatible with the King Brinell portable test head.

The Foundrax DHT-100 rebound hardness tester is a simple pocket size device which tests material hardness using the Leeb method and then offers the user a range of converted values to indicate the approximate equivalent hardness in other hardness scales such as Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers.