UKAS Certified Brinell Reference Blocks

Foundrax UKAS certified Brinell hardness reference blocks are directly traceable to PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) in Germany, they conform to ISO 6506 and ASTM E10 and our accredited uncertainty of measurement puts us at the top of the industry.

We were the first manufacturer in the UK to be officially recognised for the manufacture of Brinell hardness reference blocks and continue to lead the field for quality.

These 173cm surface area Brinell blocks are supplied with marked grids which make them easier to use, give the correct spacing between indentations and enable the indentation diameters to be recorded on the record card is supplied.

A variety of hardness ranges are available as standard allowing the user to select a block appropriate to their calibration and verification requirements.

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UKAS Certified Brinell Reference Blocks
UKAS Certified Brinell Reference Blocks
30 140-169 170-199 200-229 230-269 270-299 300-329

330-369 370-399 400-499 500-600

HBW10/1500 15 60-89A 90-190A 110-150A 140-169 170-199 200-229

230-269 270-299

10 0-89A 90-109A 110-150A 140-169
HBW10/500 5 60-89A 90-100A


  • All blocks certified to BS EN ISO 6506-3 and ASTM E10.
  • All blocks supplied with official UKAS certificate of calibration unless requested otherwise.
  • Blocks in scales HB10/3000 to 5/250 supplied 173cm² surface area.
  • All blocks in steel except where marked A (aluminium).
  • Standard hardness ranges are marked in bold.
  • Advise hardness range & hardness scale required e.g. 140-169HBW 10/3000.
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