Foundrax were the first company in the United Kingdom to be officially recognised for the manufacture of Brinell reference blocks, and are recognised worldwide for the very high quality of our Brinell reference blocks.

The Foundrax BRIN200C has been used to calibrate all UKAS certified Foundrax Brinell reference blocks for many years, is highly reliable, and is extremely accurate.

The current generation of the BRIN200C is the product of many years of proven experience and development and is sure to give many years of good service, furthermore Foundrax can manufacture the BRIN200C to take into account any special software or hardware requirements that you may have.

The test forces are applied using the traditional lever and weight method but the force build-up and indentation force are monitored via a load cell, giving highly reliable and repeatable force application using the most modern closed loop control systems and software.

Using the system is simple, all the operations associated with indentation are automatic, and the indentation measurement is clear and straight forward. Only the minimum of training is required for optimum results.

BRIN200C Brinell calibration machine, incorporating stand mounted high magnification measuring microscope system, including light source, proprietary X-Y table and certified electronic indicator having an accuracy of 0.001mm or better; PC and printer, and proprietary software to create and print UKAS (or similar) certificates of calibration.

The BRIN200C is used as the National Brinell Standard of both Poland and Kazakhstan.

The Foundrax DWC dead weight Brinell calibration machines cover all Brinell test scales from HBW 1/1 to HBW 10/3000 and apply the forces using pure mass and are virtually frictionless in operation giving superbly accurate results.

The force application rate is governed by a closed loop system employing a specially designed servo motor control system to ensure that the forces are applied exactly as intended and that there is no possibility of overshoot caused by the momentum of the masses.

At the point of correct force application the masses are suspended entirely from the indenter with no possibility of influence on the test force from outside influences.

The Foundrax DWC dead weight Brinell calibration machine was manufactured as the National Brinell Standard of India.

BRIN200C Lever and Weight Brinell Calibration Machine
BRIN200C Lever and Weight Brinell Calibration Machine

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