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Brinell Microscopes

As the first company to develop and offer the Brinell Automatic Scanner, Foundrax has developed more expertise with automatic Brinell microscopes than any other manufacturer! Any of the products that we supply at Foundrax are built to be rugged and renowned for their high degree of accuracy, including all of our Brinell microscopes.

Brinell Microscopes

Brinell Microscopes are used to make an accurate measurement of the indentation to test the hardness of metals.

In terms of design, our Brinell Microscopes are robust and reliable. The compact and durable design of our Brinell hand microscope is perfect for various applications.

Online remote demonstrations available, please contact us on +44 (0) 1458 274 888 to arrange a convenient time.

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Our microscopes are specifically engineered to provide you with greater reliability and precision. Choosing a manual Brinell Microscopes or an Automatic Brinell Scanner from Foundrax will enable you to measure Brinell Hardness with ease, as well as achieving high-quality objectives – can you afford to miss out?

Our Brinell Measurement System

Here at Foundrax, we aim to provide all of our customers with a suitable solution, one that not only enables you to test hardness effectively but suits your budget requirements perfectly.

The Brinell Measurement System uses advanced technology to recognise and measure the diameter of the indentation more reliably than any other automatic system. Our Brinell Measurement System can be used in conjunction with either our own range of hardness testers or with other Brinell Test Equipment to improve the accuracy of your results.

When it comes to testing the hardness of metals, Foundrax can help to make the process efficient, simple and reliable by providing the Brinell Measurement System!

Benefits of the Brinell Automatic Scanner

If you’re looking to maximise efficiency and accuracy when it comes to hardness testing, why not consider the Brinell Automatic Scanner?

Our Brinell Automatic Scanner comes in several formats including a simple modular system for use with your own PC or laptop, a PC based system for use next to a static Brinell hardness tester and a fully ruggedized laptop system in its own bespoke carry case for use in the yard or in the field as required. All are designed to increase reliability and to increase productivity. The Automatic Scanner is used to specifically measure indentations and makes hardness testing faster and easier, saving you time and effort. The Brinell scanner offerS a high level of consistency and accuracy as well as reliability and repeatability.

Like any of the products that we supply at Foundrax, we price the Brinell Automatic Scanner to match all budget requirements, ensuring that you benefit from affordable hard testing equipment. If need be, we can spread the cost of the Brinell Microscopes and Scanners out by providing you with the opportunity to pay for equipment monthly.

Need to know more about the Brinell Microscope? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts who will be more than willing to offer their expertise and to help you to find the most suitable products for your intended application.

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    The BRINtronic series of automatic Brinell microscopes give reliability, repeatability and operator independent Brinell measurement in harsh industrial environments with minimal surface preparation as well as error free recording of the results.

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  • BRINscope Manual Brinell Microscope


    The BRINscope series of manual Brinell microscopes feature LED lighting for long-life reliability and superior illumination of the indentation.

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